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Card Game Terms

German Translation of “ card game” | The official Collins English-German Dictionary online. Over German translations of English words and phrases. Card game Definition: A card game is a game that is played using a set of playing cards. | Bedeutung, Aussprache, Übersetzungen und Beispiele. English term or phrase: Poker Card Game Terms. The translation I am doing is about a poker game. Here a few terms, that I neeed help on.

Poker Card Game Terms

Glossar der Kartenspielbegriffe - Glossary of card game terms. Aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie. "Master Card" leitet hier weiter. German Translation of “ card game” | The official Collins English-German Dictionary online. Over German translations of English words and phrases. A Dictionary of Card Games (Oxford Paperback Reference) | Parlett, David | ISBN​: and will appreciate the glossary of cards terms contained in an appendix.

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Card Game Terminology #1

English term or phrase: Poker Card Game Terms. The translation I am doing is about a poker game. Here a few terms, that I neeed help on. Card games and card-playing Terms Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free. This corresponds to the French word for "two", deux, which in turn came from the Latin duos and duo. On the introduction of playing cards into the German. Card game Definition: A card game is a game that is played using a set of playing cards. | Bedeutung, Aussprache, Übersetzungen und Beispiele. 50 rows · wild card: suit: trick: stack the deck: A form of cheating: cut the deck: card counting: pair: . 3/2/ · A trump card is "a decisive overriding factor or final resource." It refers to a card of any suit that ranks higher than any card of any of the other suits, and is used in many games, including euchre and spades. Since such cards are deployed strategically, the term suggests an . One Hundred adding game: 3– 52, 2x One Hundred and Twenty see Auction Forty-Fives: 4, 6: One-Armed Pete see One Arm Joe: 5–9: One-Eyed Jack: 2–4: 2x52, 2x52+4J: Open Face Chinese Poker: 2–4: Ottocento see Tarocchi Bolognesi: 4: P: Game Players Design Quantity; P'yanitsa Drunkard: 2, 3, 4: Pagchen see Bagchen: 4: 2x Page One: 2–6: 52+J: Pai Gow 牌九: 2–8: . contract (in the bidding sequence before play) the highest bid, which determines trumps and the number of tricks one side must try to make double a call that increases certain scoring points if the last preceding bid becomes the contract dummy (of a card game) played with one hand exposed or unplayed east the player or position at the table corresponding to east on the compass finesse an. TCG: Trading Card Game. A card game that allows you to trade cards with others. Usually in physical card games. Tech Card: A card with a very narrow effect is that only good during certain conditions, but it is important for addressing a certain action that your opponent might do. For example, you know your opponent uses a lot of weapons, you. Let's get this one out of the way. A trump card is "a decisive overriding factor or final resource." It refers to a card of any suit that ranks higher than any card of any of the other suits, and is used in many games, including euchre and spades. Since such cards are deployed strategically, the term suggests an option or weapon held in reserve. A forerunner of the game of bridge. Winner. A card held by one of the players that will win a trick when it is played. Working Cards. Cards that are likely to be useful in developing tricks. For example, if partner holds the ♠K‑J‑2, the ♠Q in your hand would be a valuable asset. Wrongsided. Making the wrong hand the declarer. These terms are used in contract bridge, using duplicate or rubber scoring. Some of them are also used in whist, bid whist, the obsolete game auction bridge, and other trick-taking games. This glossary supplements the Glossary of card game terms.
Card Game Terms

Ace-To-Five Lowball Poker see California Lowball. Ace-To-Six Lowball Draw Poker. Aces, Straights and Flushes Poker.

Aggravation Speed. Agurk see Cucumber. All Fives cards. All Fives dominoes. All for One and One for All Poker. All Fours 17th Century.

All Fours Lancashire. All Fours North American. All Fours Trinidad. All Fours Yorkshire. All Threes Dominoes. Anaconda see Pass The Trash.

Arizona card Pitch. Ascenseur see Oh Hell! Asserufen Schafkopf. Asshole see President. Asso Pigliatutto scopa.

Auction Poker. Auction Draw Dominoes. Australian Patience. Austrian Dominoes. Quartet cards. Baccarat Chemin de Fer see Chemin de Fer.

Baccarat Punto Banco. Back Street Bridge see Back Alley. Backstab Fish. Backwards Rummy see Rummy. Bango see Card Bingo. Barouche, La see Two Hundred.

Baseball Poker. Bataille Corse see Beggar My Neighbour. Be-Ranga Double Sar. Beanie see Crazy Rummy. Beat Your Neighbour Out of Doors see Beggar My Neighbour.

Beccaccino see Marafon-Beccaccino. Beggar My Neighbour. Bela see Clobyosh. Besikovich's Game see Svoi Kozyri. Between the Sheets see In Between.

Bhabhi see Getaway. Bidder 10 see Two Hundred. Biddies see Crazy Rummy. Big Don see Nine Card Don. Big O poker see 5 Card Omaha.

Billy Baxter Lowball Poker see Kansas City Lowball. Binglao poker. Bingo Card. Bingo dominoes. Biriba Brazilian see Buraco.

Bitch, The Poker. Bitchin' Rummy see Rummy. Black Maria. Black Mariah Poker. Black Peter see Old Maid. Old Maid cards. Blackjack Blackout see Oh Hell!

Blind Hughie Dominoes. Blind Man's Buff Poker see Indian Poker. Blitz see Scat. Blob see Oh Hell! Block Dominoes with Spinners.

Blooper see Back Alley. Bloutte , La see Two Hundred. Bock see Poch. Bog see Poch. Bonanza Pai Gow. Bone Ace see Bonneteau see Three Card Monte.

Boodle see Michigan. Boomke Wies. Bouchon see Pig. Bourloto see Mpourloto. Brag 13 card see Crash. Brag 3 card.

Brag 4 card. Brag 5 card. Brag 6 card. Brag 7 card. Brag 9 card. Bräus Gotland. Bridge with Semi-exposed Dummies. Briscola Bastarda see Briscola Chiamata.

Briscola Chiamata. Briscola Scoperta. Brus Denmark. Bruus North Friesland. Buddha's Folly Poker. Buki Dominoes.

Bum see President. Buraco Brazilian. Burako Argentinean. Burraco Italian. Bust see Oh Hell! Butthead see President. Butzer Jass see Handjass.

Cabbage see Scat. Cabo Golf. Cactus Golf. Cadillac see Scat. Calcutta Horse Race. California Draw Poker see Five Card Draw Poker. California Lowball Poker.

California Speed. California Stud Poker see Sökö. Call Break see Call Bridge. Call Bridge. Cambio Golf. Canadian Salad. Canastra Brazilian see Buraco.

Cancellation Hearts. Capitalism see President. Caribbean Stud Poker. Casino Dominican. Casino Finnish see Kasino. Casino Hungarian.

Casino Sotho. Casino South African. Casino Swazi. Casino Swedish see Kasino. Trick-taking card games list. Non trick-taking card games.

Shuffling Cutting Glossary of card game terms. Cribbage Costly Colours Ninety-nine Noddy. Beggar-my-neighbour Egyptian Ratscrew My Ship Sails Ninety-nine Ochse, leg dich!

Quartets Schlafmütze War. What is the difference, for example, between a court card, a picture card, and a face card?

And what exactly is meant by a spot card, and are there alternate words that are more commonly used for the same thing? What are the proper names for all the four suits, and should we have a preference for "clovers" or "clubs"?

Pass: A spoken declaration not to make a bid; in Hearts, three hidden cards exchanged among the players.

Tableau: In solitaire, the layout of cards on the playing surface, not including the foundations. Trump: A suit designated to be higher ranking than any other suit; any card in that suit.

For more information, see mechanism. It is now more broadly used to refer to nearly any pawn or figure in a game. It is believed that the term was first used by Alison Hansel as an ad-hoc abbreviation for "my people", as noted in this session report and described in detail in this history.

See the Intelligence Report for a detailed description of this species. See Poll: What exactly is a meeple? Choosing to attack player A instead of player B simply because player A owes you money is an extreme example of metagaming.

A list of other lists. Typically a Geeklist of other Geeklists. Small icons in user look. All about Microbadges The process of analyzing a particular turn with an emphasis on getting the best ratio of personal resources expended to realized gains.

A type of wargame that uses small three-dimensional lead or plastic figurines to represent military units to represent tactical-level conflict.

Often these games have a high level of simulation or re-creation. Often such a game is not played on a board with marked off with spaces, but directly on the table or on model terrain and the determination of distances to be moved or fired is done by using a measuring tape or stick.

Wings of War even without physical miniatures is a good example--the maneuver cards are used to measure the movement of each plane. A game with 3 or more players.

Used in this sense mainly because there are fundamental differences between 2 player games and games that use 3 or more diplomatic elements, choosing whom to attack or interfere with, kingmaking, ganging up on the leader, etc.

A game in which players make deals and trade resources or favors as the main mechanism. Diplomacy is perhaps the best example of this type of game.

Negotiation is one of the game categories used at BoardGameGeek. A person that tends to be immersed in cerebral interests, sometimes at the expense of social functionality.

See also geek. A person that does not spend every waking moment thinking, talking, playing, and breathing games, a.

A person that is a neophyte to the world of tabletop gaming. Sometimes this person will develop over time into a more of a gamer, but sometimes they will only play games when asked or coerced.

She would rather do a word search than play Dominion with us. Wargame term. Abbreviation for 'Out of Supply'. The state of a unit that cannot track supply to a friendly supply source and thus will run out of fuel, ammo and food.

Short for 'Overpowered'. A game with very simple rules and strategies that does not require deep thought and that can be used at the beginning of a gaming session to get people warmed up for heavier games or can be used while waiting for more players to arrive for the game that is the main attraction.

Typically these games represent a middle ground between strategic and tactical games and sometimes use mechanics common in both scales.

Such a game usually depicts a single battle or small campaign. To use an exorbitant amount of time to find an optimal move, especially when the resulting move is virtually equal to all other choices.

See also downtime. A short text message that appears whenever a user hovers their mouse over an avatar or badge there is separate text for each.

Overtext costs GeekGold per type avatar or badge , and you can change your OverText at any time. An affliction suffered primarily by Spielfreaks , it causes the gamer to be enthralled by gorgeous components.

Sufferers can often be heard to softly murmur, "nice bits " while examining a game and can be easily distracted by the sight of shiny objects.

A type of indirect conflict in which at least one player the parasite tries to gain a benefit from the actions of another player the pioneer who in turn tries to select actions in such a way so as to minimize the benefits that others might gain.

Examples: Taboo , Charades. A term given to a game by people who think that the links between the game's theme and mechanism is weak.

Or in other words, the designer created the game's mechanism first and abstractly , applied the theme afterwards. Graphic design; a layout of an image to be printed.

The Free Dictionary , In relation to language-dependent board games, the term refers to pasting a localized translation of game components' text onto the game components, so that players who don't understand the game's original printed language can still play the game easily.

All about BGG Patrons. Special icon in User's Graphical Representation which signifies that the Geek user is a patron.

Abbreviation for P lay b y E - M ail, which is a descriptor of a game system that allows the players to play against one another through e-mail.

Often these games have graphical user interfaces, and just use e-mail as the communications for their turn-based play.

Examples: Cyberboard , Aide de Camp , VASL , VASSAL. A class of game in which players move alternately and each player is completely informed of previous moves, which implies there is no hidden information within the game.

This class of game is frequently restricted to having no random elements during play - such as the roll of dice - but random elements are allowed during game setup.

Examples: Chess , Through the Desert. These include kingmaking, bashing the leader, turtling, revenge, etc. Petty diplomacy problems can lead to accusations of excessive whining among the players.

He is! The original first player now is second and may make any move of his choice. OR - allowing the first player to keep the move and making any move of his choice as the second player.

The first player must make a reasonably fair first move--If it is too good, the opponent will switch sides and take the advantage. If it is too poor, and the first player will be at a disadvantage.

Called the "pie rule" because it is analogous to "You cut, I choose" method of splitting a pie between siblings. The degree and frequency with which players can affect each other during a game.

Games with little or no direct player interaction are sometimes referred as Multiplayer Solitaires. To examine the rules of and play a prototype game in order to find possible improvements and determine its viability.

To hide another user's posts on BoardGameGeek. It is a zero-tolerance rules violation to talk about whom you have plonked. Private message, as in, "if interested please PM me" or "Please send me a PM".

In BGG it is used to refer to Geekmail--send a private message through geekmail. Anyone who wishes to may download them, print them out and play them.

Locations on the board are connected by lines which the pieces will move along. In wargames, point to point movement will emphasize movement along road networks.

Describing a game as point salad is usually derogatory as it derives from "word salad"--an incoherent, unfocused piece of writing.

For examples, see: Point-salad games. A game where players can repeatedly choose to perform a random event on their turn.

They temporarily collect points each time, but usually receiving nothing on the turn if an unfavorable event happens.

They must voluntarily end their turn to permanently keep the points. A processional game will often have little player interaction and high downtime.

Click for a list of commonly used Publisher Abbreviations. The act of preparing a game for play by removing the manufacturing-process materials that are still attached to the game bits.

Generally, games which have been removed from the shrinkwrap are still very "new" or "like new" if they are unpunched. While many geeks enjoy punching a game as soon as they receive it, un-punched status can be important for some wargames as the myriad of chits can be hard to track once they have been punched.

All about the QuickBar There are 10 QuickLinks on a QuickPage. There are 10 QuickPages on the QuickBar. A game that features players vying to be the first to complete a given course of travel as the main mechanism.

Often players will have little, if any, control over the elements that control their performance in the game. See also luck. Rules As Written.

We're intent on clearing it up. A trump card is "a decisive overriding factor or final resource. Since such cards are deployed strategically, the term suggests an option or weapon held in reserve.

The term finds itself in idioms that tie back to games, such as play one's trump card or have a trump card up one's sleeve.

For, after all, she was the mother here. The mother of the boys in question. She held the trump card , should she be forced to play it.

Most people associate the New Deal with the programs of Franklin D. Roosevelt intended to lift the United States from the constraints of the Great Depression.

Such programs included the establishment of the Social Security Administration, as well as the Works Progress Administration to put unemployed Americans to work on projects relating to the nation's infrastructure.

The name of the program reflected the idea that a new deal at cards would give struggling players another chance to succeed. Though attributed to Stuart Chase, an advisor to Roosevelt, writers such as Mark Twain had previously used the term with a similar metaphorical angle:.

So to speak, I was become a stockholder in a corporation where nine hundred and ninety-four of the members furnished all the money and did all the work, and the other six elected themselves a permanent board of direction and took all the dividends.

It seemed to me that what the nine hundred and ninety-four dupes needed was a new deal. You rang?

Die anderen Network Promotions sind nicht ganz klar, aber ich würde "Poker - Karibisch" oder "karibische Variante" sagen. While Friedrich Kluge is unsure, [4] how the card came to be called the Dausbecause he avers that there are no game rules that have survived from the Middle Ages, Marianne Rumpf is FranzГ¶sisches Roulette The word 'Daus' is a term that has been taken over from the dice game. Christian Werner-Meier France Local time: Native speaker of: German PRO pts in pair: Main page Contents Current events Random article About Wikipedia Contact us Donate. But are you sure that you're using the right words? Biathlon Gestern Damen loves card games, card magic, cardistry, and card collecting, and has reviewed several hundred boardgames and hundreds of different decks of playing cards. Forty-One Syrian. Abbreviation for Brettspielwelt, a popular German website that offers real time play of many German-style games. Dealer's Choice Poker. V variant n. Dice is the Monte Crypto form. Ten-Card Regrets Poker. OOP adj. Dummy Rummy see Rummy. A game where the major skill needed is a physical action, such as flicking Crokinolebalance Toppleor deft manipulation Jenga. Muggins 777 Live. See majority control game. Designer Alan Schweden Vs Mexiko. The number Dfb Pokal KГ¶ln on BoardGameGeek Heppy Wheels represent a game. Choosing to attack player A instead of player B simply because player A owes you money is Magic Red Casino Online extreme example of metagaming.

Heppy Wheels Sicherheit. - Navigation menu

In many regions it is not only equated to the Ace, but 777 Live also, incorrectly, called an Ace.
Card Game Terms


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